Carly begins Methotrexate injections next week

Excerpt from my Diary: April 2, 2008

Carly will begin Methotrexate Treatments Next week.  Last Friday we went to Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia. The girls have been patients here before but never in Dermatology.  Our Dermatologist spoke to a colleague of his who agreed to see us.  We met with a few doctors/nurses its all a blur.

When we left, I was terrified.  We were given packets of information about three drugs.  By the time we left we narrowed it down to two but they are not nice drugs.  Both are by injection and there is so much unknown.

Katelyn went to her pediatrician for her yearly well visit and her Doctor confirmed my gut feeling that we should choose Methotrexate.  Carly will have baseline tests done on Monday so she can start the treatment.

Carly lost so much hair and is continuing to loose it every day. I feel awful for her and pray that she doesn’t loose her rosy outlook on everything.

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