January 16, 2008

Excerpt from my Diary:

In December, we went to Disney and had a blast!  We did a lot of great things but our Princess Tea Party was probably the highlight.  Carly was in awe.  She’s decided she must have a tea party for her birthday! Katelyn wasn’t as impressed as Carly, she’ll be 8 and is developing her own personality!

I’m concerned about Carly.  For 6 months, she has had a terrible skin condition.  It has progressed to large patches of skin peeling from her scalp.  I am so upset but countless Dr’s are stumped.  Physically, I am worried and exhausted.  Carly,  She is such a trooper! Tonight, combing the scabs out of her hair broke my heart.  We have been to several Doctors, and no one knows what to think.  I never thought I would have a doctor look at me and say they just don’t know.

What makes this so bagging is that Katelyn has “Spots” too!  She has them on her chest, back and legs.

Through it all, Carly is happy and sweet as can be.


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